Zach Hodskins
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Zack Hodskins Bio

​ “Practice Hard…Play Harder!”

Zach Hodskins was born without a left hand and forearm…but this hasn’t prevented him from being a standout high school basketball player and honor student at Milton High School (GA).

Though known for his shooting skills (an incredible 60% from the 3pt stripe) Zach is a fierce defender and deft ball handler.

At 6’3, Zach possesses incredible athleticism and instincts which lends to his title as floor general (playing point/shooting guard and forward).

Whether it’s bringing the ball up against the press, or taking the winning shot…Zach likes the pressure. In fact, he invites it.

Zach’s mindset is “Practice Hard…Play Harder!”

His parents (Bob & Stephanie) have seen Zach’s penchant for perfection and love for the game of basketball…and have moved the family on several occasions (3 times over the last 5 years) in order to provide Zach with the opportunity to compete/succeed at the highest level.

They often share the story of Zach (as a young boy) shooting in the driveway until the tips of his fingers bled.

A few days later, his fingers healed (by callouses)…then Zach went right back to what he does best, shooting the basketball.  

This type of dedication has paid off for Zach…resulting in much praise from others who have seen him play.  

His Coach at Milton, Van Keys describes Zach as the consummate team player: A catalyst that makes others better…and inspires them to work harder. 

It’s been reported that on more than one occasion, Zach has spent a considerable amount of time compassionately helping others to improve their game.

Teammate Sean O’Connell says that Zach is an intense player….and that his unrelenting work ethic has motivated him and others to step up their game to another level. 

Zach’s 2013 stats and highlights include:

*Starting all games and leading Milton (largest Division in GA) to 15-10 record

*Scored 30 points in multiple games

*Hit 7 (3 pt.) shots in multiple games

Per game averages:

10.5 pts

3 assists

2.5 rebs

2 steals

Another reason for Zach’s success is that basketball is a 24/7, 365 days a year occupation for him. His motivation is simple: Becoming the best player on any basketball court…and eventually playing college basketball at the D-1 level.  

Yes, Zach can and has dunked…but he would prefer to shoot the 3. 

Zach is also a skilled dribbler (spectacular footwork!)…no problem with the cross-over, between the legs, or behind the back moves.

When Zach’s not playing basketball (which isn’t too often), he’s thinking about it…either watching games or studying film. He also lifts weights and has a rigorous conditioning regimen.  

Zach is currently playing in summer leagues with his high school teammates and AAU team, The Atlanta Celtics. 

His busy schedule includes attending summer basketball skill camps and speaking engagements with various groups (OH, GA, IL) to share his inspirational story. 

Zach is also on the board of “Make a Swish,” a non-profit organization that raises awareness and provides basketballs, shoes, uniforms etc. to children in need that want to experience the joy of playing basketball.  

Zach Hodskins never complains about not having a left hand, or anything else related to his physical condition. He only focuses on the positive and improving the things that he has control over…namely his basketball skills.

In summary, Zach aspires to be a great basketball player…but also a greater human being.